Bring in your own ideas or be inspired by our designs. If you would like to complete your favourite set of jewelry we�ll find a qualified solution.
  Is a piece of your jewelry is damaged, or is a gem missing? Over the years the original sparkling of the pieces got lost? Experts in our studio repair and modernize your favourite pieces of jewelry.
  Over the years noble metal and gems lose their brillance; pollution and oxidation make them unsightly. Special treatment in our studio make them shiny again.
  A piece of your jewelry is old-fashiond and/or you would likt to have it reworked? Or would you like to upvalue a ring, a necklace, earrings etc.? Together we�ll find a satisfactory solution to your delight.
Service completion
  Your watch has stopped? No problem: We exchange the battery while you wait. You�ll find a wide assortment of best-quality leather and metal straps.

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